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Costa Rica at a Glance

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1.  Geographically, where is Costa Rica located?  Please be descriptive making note on any major bodies of water, mountains, etc.


2.  What is the weather in Costa Rica like in: (a) April, (b) August, (c) December?


3.  When did Costa Rica become an independent country?  Who controlled Costa Rica before their independence?


4.  What is the population?


5.  What percentage of people live in cities?  What percentage of people live in the country?


6.  What is the major currency of Costa Rica?


7.  What are the major industries (i.e. how do people make a living) in Costa Rica?


8.  What is the average income of the people of Costa Rica?


9.  Are there any major colleges or universities in Costa Rica?


10.  What is the capital city of Costa Rica?


11.  What languages are spoken in Costa Rica?


12.  What is the literacy rate in Costa Rica?


13.  What are the crime rates in Costa Rica?  What tends to be the biggest crime?


14.  What type of outdoor activities does Costa Rica offer tourists?


15.  What are a few common dishes served in Costa Rica?



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